About Groundwater Education

A simple computer model to simulate groundwater flow is set up as a web application. The well-known open-source model MODFLOW is used. Users can interact with the model through a web browser and can study the interconnections between groundwater and surface water. Users can investigate how groundwater pumping affects streamflow and wetlands. The model can be used in high-school earth science curricula and by the general public.



  • Hu, Y., Valocchi, A. J., Lindgren, S. A., Ramos, E. A. and Byrd, R. A. (2015), Groundwater Modeling with MODFLOW as a Web Application. Groundwater, 53: 834-835. doi:10.1111/gwat.12372

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This applet was developed as part of "Improving Prediction of Subsurface Flow and Transport through Exploratory Data Analysis and Complementary Modeling," Award No. 0943627, supported by NSF, Hydrologic Science Program.

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